Following are frequently asked questions on EAGET products

  • Why does the displayed capacity of U-disk not match the nominal capacity?

    The default 1MB of the computer is equal to 1024KB, but the storage devices we usually use is 1MB equal to 1000KB, so there will be deviations. The international standard is that if the actual capacity is more than 90% of the nominal capacity, the product is qualified.

  • Why is the actual file transfer speed not as fast as advertised?

    The actual transfer speed will be affected by many factors such as the configuration of the computer, the copied files, etc. Copying a single large file will be faster than copying multiple small files of the same size, which specific speed will vary from the usage environment. The publicity speed of EAGET is marked according to the maximum read and write value tested by EAGET laboratory equipment.

  • Why doesn't the mobile phone U disk read the data on the mobile phone?

    Please first confirm whether your mobile phone support the OTG function, and whether the Android system is above 4.0. Then open your file management and wait for 5-10 seconds to see if the phone U disk can read the data. If still can’t read, please try to plug and unplug the device for several times or try again with the Type-C in another direction.

  • Why does the storage device get hot?

    It is normal for the storage device to heat up. When the storage device is powered on, data transfer and reading will be performed, causing the electronic components in the storage device to emit heat. The amount of heat generated varies depending on the power-on time and the frequency of read and write operations. The temperature that the internal chip of the storage device can withstand is about 85 degrees, so there is no need to worry about the heating problem of the storage device in normal use.

  • What does the Class and UHS speed class on the TF card mean?

    The SD Card Association has two terms to define the speed class of a MicroSD memory card. Class refers to the "Speed Class", and each class designation means the minimum transfer speed of the card. For example, Class 4 represents 4MB/s , Class 6 represents 6MB/s, and so on.

    UHS means "Ultra High Speed". "UHS Speed Class" distinguishes MicroSD cards by the minimum write speed, for example UHS-I Speed Class 1 has a minimum write speed of 10MB/s, while UHS-I Speed Class 3 has a minimum write speed of 30MB/s.

    A1 is a new system standard announced by the SD Card Association in November 2016 - A1 (APP Performance A1). To obtain App Performance Class 1 (A1 for short) expansion cards must meet these requirements: 1500 random read IOPS, 500 random write IOPS; 10MB/s sequential write performance.

    The previous C, U, and V SD card standards did not stipulate the random read and write IOPS of the memory card. Now because the running program may require a large number of small files to read and write, it is stipulated. Expansion cards conforming to A1 standard can support Android's Adoptable Storage function well and run applications smoothly.

  • Why does flash drive detection indicates viruses?

    Some anti-virus software will mistake some common application files for viruses. Please distinguish them before processing. If cannot confirm whether your computer is attacked by viruses, you can scan the files first and then process. If the U disk data is not important, it’s suggested that you format it, and then perform a full scan of the entire computer.

  • Is there any production tool if the U disk is broken?

    Please download the firmware on the download page. If there is no corresponding firmware download, please contact service@eaget.com.cn

  • What is the particle of U disk main control chip used by EAGET?

    The particles will vary by different brands of chips. The particles generally include Samsung, Micron, INTEL, HY, etc., all of which are original particles. Different batches, the particles will also be different, which is subject to the actual product received.

  • Why is the storage device not compatible or not recognized?

    Please make sure the storage device is properly connected to the device, confirm whether the device you are using supports the storage device of this capacity and the corresponding file system (EXFAT/NTFS), and confirm whether the files in your storage device can be supported by the device. Different master control schemes used by different devices on the market may cause compatibility problems. For the device isn’t recognized, it may be that the storage device is not plugged in properly or the voltage of the USB port of the computer is not enough. Please try another USB port (the desktop computer can use the USB port on the back of the chassis). If other USB ports or other computers still cannot be recognized, it may be that the U disk is damaged and needs to be repaired.

  • What is the TBW of the Solid State Drive?

    TB of TBW means Terabyte, which is the capacity unit of computer storage. 1TB=1024GB=2^40 bytes.

    W of TBW means Write, which refers to the action of the computer to write the data into the solid state drive

    Generally, the number of erasing and rewriting of flash-based SSD is about 3000 times. Taking the commonly used 64G as an example, under the balanced writing mechanism of SSD, the total amount of rewritable data is 64G X 3000 = 192000G, converted into TBW, is 187.5TBW.

  • What’s your product line?

    EAGET product lines include USB flash drive, solid state drive, RAM, TF card and related accessories so as to meet your personal storage requirements.

  • What’s your corporate culture?

    EAGET has definite and accurate vision and mission for guiding our continuous development and progress. For action and performance we follow up the self-owned WISE values, which is composed by principles of Win-win, Innovation, Service and Efficiency.

  • What’s your trade term?

    EAGET general trade term is FOB Shenzhen, and for actual situation we are open to communicate and reach agreement on trade terms of EXW, CIF, DDP and others. Also we have stable relationships with DHL, Fedex, UPS and EMS for efficient shipment delivery.

  • How to be your distributor?

    EAGET has professional and restrict channel policy for benefit protection and effective market development, so to be our distributor we need have further communication on mutual duty and obligation and after agreement you will be our official authorized distributor.

  • How long have you been operating?

    EAGET has more than 18 years history in memory industry. Through our professional experience as well as resources integration ability, it effectively enhanced customers’ confidence in working together with us for a win-win cooperation.

  • What’s the meaning of your brand EAGET?

    EAGET means Easy to Get, which is our business tenet of bringing benefits to our customers and partners. When you work together with EAGET you will experience of easy communication, fulfillment and deal with.

  • What are your payment terms?

    EATE has practical and effective payment terms for well support to the partners. The payment term can be adjusted based on the cooperation stage from beginning to the long-term. At the starting the T/T payment is required, and for future the credit OA can be approved.

  • Could you support OEM&ODM?

    EAGET surely accept and support OEM/ODM business on condition that the technical level of customization, quality level as well as the MOQ could meet our rules. For OEM/ODM we just provide the service for right customer with right price and quality demands.

  • You have your own factory or you are a trader?

    EAGET has self-owned factory, which covers an area of 3000 square meters and supplied with more than 200 skilled workers and 500 QC testing equipments to effectively ensure the production quality.

  • How long have you been operating?

    EAGET has more than 18 years history in memory industry. Through our professional experience as well as resources integration ability, it effectively enhanced customers’ confidence in working together with us for a win-win cooperation.

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